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Sex Offenders Welcome.
Under new Obama rules, sex offenders and drug dealers not highest priority for deportation.

House Sues over ObamaCare.
Claims unlawful delay of mandate and unconstitutional payments to insurance companies.

Gruber to Testify.
ObamaCare architect called before House Oversight Committee.

Obama Speech Audience Flop.
Ties The Big Bang Theory. Half of audience watched in Spanish.

We Must Stop the Emperor.
Senator Jeff Sessions makes case against Obama amnesty.

Iran Talks May Be Extended to March.
Meanwhile, Iran will continue its nuclear weapons program.

5 More Detainees Released from Guantanamo.
Three sent to Georgia, two to Slovakia.

More Deportation Protection.
Illegals from Ebola affected areas won't be deported.

Obama Inflates ObamaCare Sign-Up Numbers.
Added 400,000 who were only receiving dental care.

I Am Not a King.
Obama has said at least 22 times that he could not write his own immigration law.

Clintons Spent $8.5 Million on Travel Last Year.
The costs were generously paid by the nonprofit Clinton Foundation.

Ferguson Decision Could Come Friday.
If grand jury decides on Friday, public announcement would come on Sunday.

TV Networks Say No Thank You.
Will not carry Obama's immigration amnesty speech.

GOP Holds Lead in Louisiana Senate Race.
Rep. Bill Cassidy 53%, Sen. Mary Landrieu 42%.

4 Sunni Muslim Groups Responsible for 66% of Terror Killings.
60% of attacks occurred in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nigeria, and Syria.

California ObamaCare Errors Cost Patients.
25% of doctors listed as covered in policies of two big insurers aren't covered or have moved.

2016: The Youngest Dem Presidential Candidate?
It could be Hillary.

22,000 in Kansas Denied Vote – Couldn't Prove Citizenship.
NY Times thinks that's a bad thing.

Netflix Postpones Cosby Comedy Special.
But Bill Clinton parties on.

Houston, We Have a Problem.
Influx of unaccompanied minors increases Houston school enrollment by 3,000.

Terrorism Deaths Up 60%.
18,000 deaths attributed to terrorism last year.

Gov Jindal Warns Obama.
Don't "shut down the government to try to break the Constitution."

Illinois Pension Shortfall Hits $111 Billion.
Illinois can pay this off if it spends its entire general fund – every penny it takes in – on pension debt, and nothing else, for three years.

What Is Net Neutrality?
A thinly disguised excuse to tax the Internet.

Lies, Damn Lies.
And ObamaCare. In appreciation of Jonathan Gruber.

Object 2014-28E.
Have the Russians launched a satellite killer?

'Pants Up, Don't Loot.'
Billboard planned by Darren Wilson supporters in Ferguson, Missouri.

Income Inequality Worsens under Obama.
Democrats blame GOP!

Bill Cosby Pummeled over Rape Allegations.
Allegations striking similar in nature and credibility to
those against Bill Clinton.
IRS Finds 30,000 Lois Lerner Emails.
Previously said they couldn't find them, had destroyed them, hadn't looked for them....

We'll Tell You about Increased U.S. Military Role in Afghanistan after the Election.
Obama secretly signed an order authorizing more expansive military action in Afghanistan.

Pair Arrested for Purchase of Guns and Bomb-Making Materials Near Ferguson, Missouri.
Details still unclear, but it is believed the men wanted to use pipe bombs in expected Ferguson unrest.

The Truth about Obama's 'Temporary' Ebola Amnesty.
The plan permits those from Ebola affected countries to remain "temporarily" in the U.S. History suggests they will stay permanently.

Gracias, Presidente Obama.
Speaker John Boehner said Obama "cemented his legacy of lawlessness" with granting of immigration amnesty. Full text of Obama speech.

Majority of Legalized Illegals Won't Pay Taxes.
Instead, they'll receive huge government subsidies through the earned income tax credit.

What Obama Didn't Mention.
Checking of criminal suspects against DHS records will end. Illegals will get Social Security cards, work permits, driver's licenses, etc. Charles Krauthammer calls the amnesty "a gigantic neon sign" and an "invitation to mass migration."

Sarah Palin: Democracy Is an Inconvenience for Obama.
Historian Douglas Brinkley says Obama will become
"a folk hero to Latino Americans."

CBS: ObamaCare Premium Increases Will Be 'Staggering' in 2015.
Increases ranging from 20 to 60%.

Details of Obama Amnesty Plan Begin to Emerge.
Will allow up to 4 million who have lived in U.S. for five years to avoid deportation. Another 1 million will get protection through a variety of other schemes.

Administration Continues to Lay Groundwork for Ground Troops.
In testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Tony Blinken said the administration was open to the potential use of ground troops.

DHS Secretary Warns of New Surge of Illegals.
He doesn't mention that it is Obama's amnesty plan that will cause the next flood across the border.

Obama Wanted to Be as Consequential as Ronald Reagan.
George Will: He is in this sense, he is the greatest builder of the Republican Party since Ronald Reagan.
Obama Will Make Thursday Statement on Amnesty Plan.
On Friday he goes to Las Vegas to rally support.

Dems to Landrieu: Don't Let the Door Hit You on Your Way Out.
Senate Democrats drive the final nail into the Landrieu coffin in defeat of Keystone Pipeline approval. What were they thinking? Here's how they voted.

Why Is Al Sharpton Not in Jail?
While pulling down big bucks and living very high on the hog, the Reverend Al and his for-profit businesses owe state and federal taxes totaling more than $4.5 million.

Washington Post Issues Rare Upside-Down Pinocchio for Obama's Decision that He Is an Emperor after All.
Obama now says he can grant immigration amnesty, after repeatedly saying he lacked authority to do so.

Chaffetz to Succeed Issa.
Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R, Utah) will succeed Rep. Darrell Issa (R, Calif.) as chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

The Corruption of Medical Care.
"Pay for performance" rules imposed by insurance companies and government regulators encourage bad medical decisions.

The New Thelma and Louise: Obama and the Insurance Companies.
ObamaCare recast insurance companies and Obama as allies. Obama and the insurance companies form a "powerful, mutually beneficial partnership." Insurance companies will strenuously resist efforts to dismantle ObamaCare because the new ObamaCare regulations "create a moat around the existing insurers and protect them from competition."
We've already seen how this movie ends.

Jonah Goldberg on the 'Transmission Belt of Liberal Journalists' Promoting ObamaCare.
Jonathan Gruber, a guy who's bought and paid for, pretending to be an independent analyst "being touted around and through a transmission belt of liberal journalists, who are all pretending to be objective analysts too..." Sounds like the ObamaCare syndicate learned from the Climate Change gang.

ObamaCare Architect Said There's 'Zero Credible Evidence' that ObamaCare Would Lower Premiums.
Jonathan Gruber said, "At the end of the day, the only way to control healthcare costs in America is to deny Americans healthcare they want."

Yet Another Administration Lie.
Sec. of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson promised that illegals held in New Mexico facility would be rapidly deported. 95% have been released into the U.S.

Obama's Legacy: A Moral Primer.
"The last but long gasp of the Obama administration is characterized not so much by deceit and incompetence as by growing chaos. Everything appears to be coming apart." This is what happens when you elect a Kardashian to be president.

Robert Gates: Tell the White House to Go to Hell, Then Call Me.
Former secretary of Defense slams White House for micromanaging war. Robert Gates says that that degree of White House micromanagement is not bureaucratic, it's political. He told commanders, "You get a call from the White House, you tell'em to go to hell and call me."

U.S Military Leaders Say Lack of Funds Is Damaging Readiness.
Only half of Marine Corps forces at home are ready to deploy. Navy will have to cut forces and faces a reduced ability to position ships around the world. Weapons procurement is slowing even as need increases.

Obama Used to Understand the Harm Wrought by Illegal Immigration.
In his 2006 autobiography, Obama wrote that the flood of immigrants added to the labor force every year "threatens to depress further the wages of blue-collar Americans and puts strains on an already overburdened safety net." That was then....

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