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In a dying civilization, political prestige is the reward not of the shrewdest diagnostician, but of the man with the best bedside manner. It is the decoration conferred on mediocrity by ignorance— Eric Ambler, A Coffin for Dimitrios

John Kerry, A Voice for Hamas

NY Times Predicts GOP Senate Majority.
Forecasting model says 60% chance GOP picks up six seats, giving GOP 51-49 majority.

GAO Document Confirms ObamaCare Subsidies for State Exchanges Only.
2011 Government Accounting Office report confirms that the Affordable Care Act means what it says.

'Death to Jews.'
Facebook says a page calling for "death to Jews" doesn't violate its "community standards."

Illegal Immigrants Demand Representation at White House Meetings.
Will picket White House to demand their "right" to represent themselves.

France Offers Asylum to Mosul's Christians.
France steps up to help true refugees from Iraq.

Big News This Week in IRS Hard Drive Scandals.
How many stories did network morning and evening news shows have on the scandals? Zero.

Federal Judge Overturns D.C. Gun Ban.
Declares ban on carrying handguns in public unconstitutional.

ObamaCare Court Defense Crumbles.
And here's a thought, why don't the House GOP get Jonathan Gruber under oath?

Amnesty for 5 Million.
Rep. Luis Gutiérrez (D, Ill.) excitedly predicts that executive action could lead to amnesty for "3 or 4, maybe even 5 million people!"

Hamas Actions Justified?
Only 11% of Americans say that Hamas' actions against Israel are justified.

'Keep Your Doctor, Change Your Senator.'
Campaign slogan of Oregon GOP candidate for U.S. Senate, Monica Wehby. Interesting George Will column.

School Lunch Sales Down in 49 States.
The kids simply won't eat Michelle Obama's lunches.

Obama to Solve Illegal Immigrant Problem with His Pen.
Just call illegal immigrants "refugees" and you have no more illegal immigrants.

'How's Your Day?'
The incredible question Secretary of State John Kerry (who fought in Vietnam) asked of parents of Israeli soldier just killed in Gaza.

IRS Lied to Federal Court.
Falsely claimed that data on Lois Lerner's hard drive could not be recovered.

After MH17 Shot Down, Obama Said He Wouldn't Rest until Justice Was Done.
And then he rested.

Sen. Coburn: At VA, Funding Is Not the Problem.
Funding has increased 57% since 2008. Number of patients treated has gone up just 13.8%.

Hillary Says Her 'Russian Reset' Worked.
Apparently she's fine with Russian artillery shelling Ukraine.

IRS Announces Maximum ObamaCare Fines.
Family of five could pay up to $12,240 for not buying govt-approved insurance.

The Last Christians Leave Mosul in Iraq.
ISIS tells Christians in Mosul to either pay tribute and leave or be "put to the sword."

Hell Freezes Over.
Obama sends team to border to evaluate need for National Guard deployment.

Migrant Children Are No-Shows at Hearings.
Overall, 46% of juveniles don't even show up for their immigration hearings. Oh, and there's a 375,000 case backlog.

Kerry-Proposed Ceasefire Plan a 'Complete Capitulation' to Hamas.
The plan proposed by Secretary of State John Kerry was unanimously rejected by the Israeli cabinet. The plan allowed the Palestinians to keep their tunnels, rockets, and other heavy weaponry and promised them billions of dollars. The needs of Israel were completely ignored.

For Nearly a Year, Obama Has Been Ignoring Iraqi Requests for Drone Strikes on Terrorists.
Had Obama acted in August 2013, the ISIS offensive might have been nipped in the bud.

Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright: To Put It Mildly, the World Is a Mess.
But, of course, Albright doesn't understand that the major reason for this sad state of affairs is the withdrawal of the U.S. from world leadership over the last six years.

CNN: Romney 53%, Obama 44%.
Obama lied to win the 2012 election. He lied about ObamaCare (see below). He lied about al Qaeda. He lied about Benghazi. Voters now know much of the truth behind these issues. They've also seen the results of his feckless, kumbaya foreign policy. This CNN poll shows that if the election were held today, Obama would be soundly beaten. Imagine where the economy would be right now if Mitt Romney were president. Romney is a manager, not a golfer.

ObamaCare: A Lie Sold with Lies.
You can keep you plan. You can keep your doctor. Your insurance costs will go down. "Couldn't we have a healthcare reform that wasn't written by liars, scam artists, and blithering idiots who don't remember what they wrote?" This week, yet another smoking gun in the pantheon of ObamaCare lies was revealed.

Chelsea Clinton: Poor Little Rich Girl.
$600,000 no-experience-required NBC job; $10.5 million apartment. "She's regarded by many in ClintonWorld as an over-educated dilettante with no practical life experience."

From Michelle Obama to Nancy Pelosi, 'Impeachment' Is Suddenly the Word on Every Democrat's Lips.
It's reminiscent of when the word "contraception" was suddenly inserted into the 2012 presidential campaign. Everyone wondered, Where did that come from? And then we found out. So what are the Democrats up to now? Three possibilities immediately come to mind:

1) It's simply a fundraising gimmick. This makes sense, since Obama thinks about little else.

2) It's about Obama, the victim-in-chief. No one likes victimhood quite as much as Obama.

3) Scariest of all, Obama is trying to immunize himself against being held accountable for some executive order he's about to give – amnesty, or worse.

Obama to Congress: Please Tie My Hands on Iraq!
While we're trying to guess what Obama is up to, why is he asking Congress to cancel the Iraq War Authorization? My guess: Obama wants to absolve himself of responsibility for anything that happens in Iraq. Hey, what can I do? Congress has tied my hands.

Federal ObamaCare Exchanges Can't Give Subsidies 
– 3 Articles

ObamaCare Architect Jonathan Gruber: If You're a State and You Don't Set Up an Exchange, that Means Your Citizens Don't Get Their Tax Credits.
MIT economist Gruber was an architect both of ObamaCare and RomneyCare. He was a highly paid consultant to the Obama administration and helped Congress draft the ObamaCare law. In 2012, he was caught on tape saying exactly what the GOP is now saying, that Congress intended to withhold subsidies from citizens of states that refused to set up their own exchanges. Now that this interpretation is leading to the collapse of ObamaCare, Gruber has changed his tune. The videotape doesn't lie, but Democrats do.

Overlooked Congressional Investigation Uncovered Documents Showing that the IRS Originally Interpreted ObamaCare Law Quite Differently.
The IRS initially interpreted the ObamaCare law as meaning exactly what it says, that subsidies would be available only to residents of states that set up exchanges. But when few states established exchanges and it became clear that this interpretation would cause ObamaCare to collapse, political appointees ordered the IRS to change its view.

Limiting ObamaCare Subsidies to States that Set Up Exchanges Was Not a 'Drafting Error.'
The ObamaCare law states ten separate times that tax credits (subsidies) are available to help offset the costs of state health exchange plans. How many times does it say that credits are available for plans offered by federal exchanges? Zero!

If You Have Any Doubt About What Drives Obama's Actions, Listen to His Words from Last Week.
"Part of people's concern is just the sense that around the world the old order isn't holding and we're not quite yet to where we need to be in terms of a new order that's based on a different set of principles, that's based on a sense of common humanity, that's based on economies that work for all people." For thinking adults, kumbaya is not an acceptable political philosophy.

Why Obama's Dismal Approval Numbers Matter.
51% of voters planning to vote for a Republican in their congressional district say it's a vote against Obama. Only 36% say their vote for a Democrat for Congress is a vote for Obama

Obama's Massive Immigration Flip Flop.
Obama claimed for years that he had absolutely no legal authority to slow deportations on a broad scale. Now he says, Never mind.

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