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New Ebola Czar Misses First Two
White House Ebola Crisis Meetings
Held Since His Appointment

Immigration from Cuba Soars.
Number of undocumented Cuban immigrants doubles from two years ago.

Why Don't We Have a Surgeon General?
Senate Democrats don't support Obama's nominee.

Will Obama Back Bush on Torture?
Obama may agree with Bush that prohibition against torture stops at the water's edge.

Shock: ObamaCare Premiums Set to Soar.
64% increase in bronze plan cost in Seattle.

The Government Is Watching You.
On Twitter.

Was Benghazi Attack an Attempt to Get CIA Data?
Indictment of Benghazi terrorist suggests this – doesn't mention video.

Case against Benghazi Terrorist Moving Slowly.
Maybe because Holder handed it off to a buddy.

Obama Seethes over Ebola Response.
Apparently he's less tolerant of incompetence in others.

Supreme Court Allows Texas Voter ID.
All three ladies dissented.

Obama Floats Immigration 'Reform' Trial Balloon.
Allows 100,000 Haitians to bypass law and enter U.S.

GOP Has 99% Chance of Controlling House.
But only 95% chance of controlling the Senate.

Who Is Tom Frieden?
CDC director spearheaded New York's nanny state: Sir, put down that illegal big soda and step away!

Desperate Democrat Candidate Flips on Ebola Travel Ban.
Sen. Kay Hagan of North Carolina was against the ban before she was for it.

Obama Supports Our Troops.
Before they head out to fight Ebola in Africa, they get 4 hours of Ebola training!

$40 Million in NIH Funds that Could Have Gone to Ebola.
Could studies of texting drunks and origami condoms have waited?

Ebola Travel Ban Issued.
For Texas healthcare workers.

List of Lawmakers Who Support a Travel Ban.
Mostly GOP.

Ebola: Is It Time to Panic?
A well-reasoned article raises concerns.

FanGate: What Gov. Rick Scott Should Have Said.
Other than that Charlie Crist is just plain creepy.

ObamaCare Still Unpopular.
If you can believe 150 polls that found it was unpopular.

For the Record, Saddam Hussein Had WMDs.
And he used them.

Feds Finally Build Fence in New Mexico.
To protect the endangered meadow jumping mouse.

Operation Incoherent Resolve.
New name for operation against ISIS could not show less commitment.

While Obama Dithers.
ISIS spreads to Pakistan.

Administration Authorizes Ebola Quarantine.
Of U.S. military personnel.

Army Secretary Concerned about Ebola in Military.
He wouldn't tell any military family "don't be worried."

House Dems Want U.S. Troops to Give Direct Ebola Care.
3 Democrats send letter to Obama asking troops to provide direct patient care in Africa.

Student in Yale-New Haven Hospital with Ebola Symptoms.
Yale doctoral student was recently in Liberia.

No-Fly List for Ebola?
CDC considers putting health workers monitored for Ebola on no-fly list.

Nunn's on the Run.
Georgia U.S. Senate candidate Michelle Nunn won't say if she voted for Obama. (Great video!)

Disastrous Economic News.
Retail sales, producer prices, New York manufacturing all fall.

We're Not Done with Ebola.
Based on flight patterns, more cases predicted in U.S.

Dallas Mayor Pessimistic about Ebola Threat.
"It may get worse before it gets better."

Kurdish Fighters Allowed to Die at Turkish Border.
Died of their wounds over 4 hours while Turks refused entry.

Pentagon: Climate Change an Immediate Threat to U.S. National Security.
Obama pledges only to fight carbon-neutral wars.

Federal Tax Collection Reaches All-Time High.
Tops $3 trillion for first time.

Dems Throw in the Towel in Kentucky Senate Race.
Won't spend any more money on TV time in attempt to defeat Sen. Mitch McConnell.

ObamaCare Slowing Recovery.
According to 4 separate surveys by 3 Federal Reserve banks.
White House Ebola Crisis Meeting Postponed to Evening So Obama Can Play 5 Hours of Golf.
The White House has held two meetings on the Ebola crisis since the new Ebola czar, Ron Klain, was appointed. Klain did not attend either meeting. We all know what "crisis mode" means to Obama. Klain appears to subscribe to the same philosophy.

Democrats See Black Vote as Last Hope in Midterm Elections.
Democrat memo warns of "crushing Democratic losses across the country" if black voters don't turn out.

Where Are the 'Clinton Democrats?'
In Kentucky, Georgia, and Arkansas, the Clinton charm may be wearing thin.

Obama's Standing with Women Hurts Senate Democrats.
Obama's high disapproval ratings among women in Senate battleground states sets stage for election losses.

Ebola Dirty Bomb: All You Need Is a Bag of Vomit.
An Ebola dirty bomb would not be technically difficult to make and deliver – especially with the involvement of martyrs. For persons willing to risk their own deaths, Ebola virus would not currently be difficult to obtain. Potential martyrs could be exposed to infected patients or to their body fluids. Having thus acquired Ebola infection, these martyrs could travel the world, symptom-free, during the incubation period of the disease. Upon becoming ill at some predetermined destination, these witting (or unwitting) martyrs would provide a plentiful supply of body fluids containing the Ebola virus for dissemination by co-conspirators. It's not difficult to imagine innumerable settings in which the dissemination of these fluids would cause illness, death, and panic.
Ultimately, the best protection against this scenario would be an effective Ebola vaccine. In the meantime, border security with tightly controlled travel and intensive intelligence scrutiny of potential attackers will be the mainstays of defense. This is yet another good reason for a ban of travel from areas with ongoing Ebola infection – and for aggressive control of U.S. borders.

'It May Be that the Virus Burns Hotter and Quicker.'
NIH scientist Peter Jahrling worries that his team in Liberia is reporting higher levels of virus in current Ebola patients than have previously been seen. Viral levels also appear to be rising more quickly.

In Ferguson, Missouri, Police Officer's Version of Brown Shooting Begins to Emerge.
Michael Brown reached for Officer Wilson's gun, which discharged twice in car. Brown's blood found on gun and in car. Brown punched Wilson repeatedly.

Cocaine Scandal Involving Joe Biden's Son about Much More than Cocaine.
It's about favoritism and cover-up.

So, You've Got ObamaCare, but You Still Can't Afford to Go to the Doctor.
It's the deductibles, stupid.

Appointment of Political Fixer as Ebola Czar Shows Obama Views Ebola as Purely Political Problem.
Attorney Ron Klain, long-term lobbyist and Democratic operative, to be made Ebola Czar. He has no medical/healthcare experience.
He prepped Obama and Clinton for presidential debates and led Al Gore's legal operation during the 2000 ballot recount and was responsible for doling out government stimulus largess to companies like Solyndra. To insure that this goes badly, Klain will report to both Susan Rice and Lisa Monaco at the White House. Oh, and one more thing, the appointment comes just as WHO says it botched its response to Ebola in West Africa in part due to "politically motivated appointments."

Obama Was Not Straightforward Regarding the Risk of Ebola.
On September 2, the Defense Threat Reduction Agency and the federal government's Models of Infectious Disease Agency issued a report saying there was a 25% chance of an Ebola case being imported into the U.S. within 3 to 6 weeks. On September 16, Obama said that experts "across our government" agree that the chance of an Ebola outbreak in the U.S. was "extremely low."

CDC Director Dr. Tom Frieden Must Go.
It is clear that the CDC provided faulty guidance in the first days of the U.S. Ebola outbreak. Still, I gave Dr. Frieden the benefit of the doubt – perhaps wrongly – until his most recent Congressional testimony. He was deliberately evasive on answers to straightforward medical questions. His responses were purely political doubletalk, and, to me, that is unacceptable for a physician.

Ferguson Grand Jury Witness Supports Police Officer's Account.
Witness says that Mike Brown ignored Officer Wilson's orders to stop, and that Brown did not raise his hands high as though to surrender.

Seattle Socialist Party Demands $20-per-Hour Minimum Wage.
It advertises a job seeking an experienced web developer. The job pays just $13 per hour.

Dr. Nancy Snyderman Illustrates An Important Problem in Ebola Control.
Dr. Snyderman, presumably a sophisticated physician, failed to abide by the conditions of her voluntary quarantine and risked infecting others. Remember, too, that Liberian authorities say that Thomas Duncan lied on his departure screening questionnaire when he said he had had no contact with Ebola patients. He also failed to tell Texas hospital workers about this exposure. Finally, we're just hearing that Texas nurse Amber Joy Vinson may have experienced symptoms of Ebola infection prior to boarding a commercial airliner. Although fingers are being pointed at the medical community for failures to diagnose and treat Ebola patients, the behavior of infected individuals has the potential to greatly contribute to the spread of the disease.

CDC: You Can Give – but Not Get – Ebola on a Bus.
CDC Director Dr. Tom Friedan got caught up in a bit of nonsense about Ebola transmission. On the one hand, the administration wants the public not to fear public transportation, on the other hand, they don't want persons exposed to Ebola to use public transportation. In short, yes, you can get Ebola on a bus. For example, if the person sitting next to you is infected, and that person vomits on you, yes, you can acquire Ebola. What if Texas nurse Amber Joy Vinson (above) had vomited on her flight?

Lawsuit: Congress and Congressional Staffers Getting ObamaCare Coverage through Fraud.
At least 12,359 members of Congress, staff, and dependents have enrolled in ObamaCare through the Washington, D.C. small business exchange that requires businesses to employ fewer than 50 people.

Obama on the Verge of Allowing Iran to Become a Nuclear Power.
If the U.S. makes a deal, "it will be a rotten one." The Iranians know they have no reason to fear – and little reason to bargain with – a president who will not mount a serious military campaign against ISIS.

Another Enormous Obama Lie Revealed.
The indictment of a Libyan terrorist says that, during the assault on the Benghazi consulate, computers containing classified information were stolen. In July, State Dept. spokesperson Marie Harf said, when specifically asked about the computers, "No classified information was compromised.

Second Ebola-Infected Texas Healthcare Worker Will be Treated in Atlanta.
The worker took a commercial airline flight the evening before becoming ill. The individual reportedly had no symptoms at the time, markedly decreasing the possibility of transmitting Ebola.

Thousands of WMDs Found in Iraq.
Chemical weapons stockpiles were repeatedly encountered by U.S. military from 2004 to 2011. It had long been known that Iraq had WMDs and that many had not been revealed. What is not clear is why the U.S. government was not forthcoming about this discovery.

Another Disastrous Poll for Obama and Dems.
WashPost/ABC poll finds Obama approval rating of 40% – lowest ever for this poll. Just 33% of independents approve of Obama. A majority of voters disapprove of the Democratic party.

Where in the Hell Is Dr. Nicole Lurie?
Lurie is assistant secretary for preparedness and response and reports directly to the secretary of HHS. She says unequivocally, "I have responsibility for getting the nation prepared for public health emergencies." She is currently invisible.

Obama Decisions that Will Be So Disastrous that He Refuses to Announce Them Until after the Elections.
Include: Attorney general pick, immigration "reforms," Keystone XL pipeline, employer health mandate.

Liberal Columnists Slam Obama on ISIS 'Strategy.'
Liberal columnist Eugene Robinson says Obama's strategy "can be seen only as failing," and asks, "What, exactly, do we think our bombs are accomplishing?" Likewise, Richard Cohen writes that Obama's "lack of menace" and reluctance to take strong action has left our enemies with little to fear.

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