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Then: Al Qaeda on the Run, Decimated,
on the Path to Defeat
Now: Attack on Europe or U.S Imminent!

6 Reasons Obama Is a Failed President.
#6. He's habitually dishonest.

Devastating Suicide Attack on Iraqi Army Base.
300-500 soldiers dead, kidnapped, or in hiding in wake of suicide attack.

Liberal Poll Shows GOP Lead in Alaska U.S. Senate Race.
Dan Sullivan (R) 43%, Mike Begich (D) 41%.

Obama's Costly Efforts to Cut Red Tape.
Obama's attempts to cut red tape have cost the economy $23 billion this year.

A-10 'Warthog' Fighter Plane and ISIS.
A match made in heaven.

The New York Times Corrects Itself.
And it's a doozy.

New York City Owed Millions by Diplomats.
City owed $16 million in unpaid parking tickets issued to foreign diplomatic vehicles.

Tony Blair: Boots on the Ground 'Necessary.'
Former British PM adds his voice to chorus calling for ground troops against ISIS.

Add CIA to List of Those Who Say Obama's ISIS Plan Won't Work.
Democrat congressman says CIA doubts Obama's strategy can succeed.

3 More Afghan Military Officers Go Missing.
The Afghans were training on Cape Cod. Two other Afghans disappeared on September 13 in Washington, D.C.

Qatar Funding Islamists.
And playing host to Obama's recently released Taliban 5.

Poll: If Only 2 Candidates Were on Louisiana U.S. Senate Ballot.
Rep. Bill Cassidy (R) 51%, Sen. Mary Landrieu (D) 38%.

New Role for National Guard.
In Texas, National Guard is now used to search for bodies of immigrants who died after crossing border.

ISIS Recruits Women.
To "have kids and cook."

Terror Threat: New York Calls Out National Guard.
NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo cites increased threat of terrorist activity.

ISIS Frees Turkish Hostages.
Turkey denies military, action, paying ransom, or offering quid pro quo.

Training Syrian Rebels Will Take Months.
Top military expert Susan Rice explains the issue.

9 'Feel-Good' Polls for Republicans.
Example: Gov. John Kasich (R,Ohio) leads by 30 points.

Is Bill Clinton Lying or Just Stupid?
Clinton says U.S. already proved it can't win a ground war in Iraq.

Desperate Kerry Seeks Iran's Help in Iraq.
Sec. of State John Kerry says there's a role for Iran to play.

The Democrats Have a Problem.
Their national chairwoman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, talks too much.

Cost of Illegal Minors to One Louisiana School District?
$4.6 million this year alone.

GOP Pulls Ahead in New Hampshire.
Scott Brown (R) 47%, Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D) 43%.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's Big Accomplishment.
The Senate hasn't worked a full 5-day week this year.

Michelle Obama: Barack Has 'Truly Made' the Change He Promised.
But Obama wondered if he could do it after he took office from Bush and saw "the mess he'd been handed."

Can Gun Dealers Survive ATF's Onerous Rules?
Govt requires 100% accuracy on complex forms and threatens dealers with loss of their licenses.

GOP Opens Lead in Colorado U.S. Senate Race.
Rep. Cory Gardner (R) 48%, Sen. Mark Udall (D) 40%.
U.S. Conducts Air Raids on al Qaeda Affiliate in Syria.
Al Qaeda affiliate Khorasan Group "was nearing the execution phase of an attack in Europe or the U.S." The group is described as composed of "seasoned al Qaeda veterans." Khorasan militants were
sent to Syria by al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri to recruit "Europeans and Americans whose passports allow them to board a U.S.-bound airliner with less scrutiny from security officials." The primary focus of the group is to bring down aircraft with concealed explosive devices. Al Qaeda is taking full advantage of the Obama-provided safe haven in Iraq and Syria as it will the soon-to-be-provided safe haven in Afghanistan.

Weeks of Strikes Have Failed to Budge ISIS in Iraq.
So why should we think that airstrikes alone will be effective in Syria?

Kerry Fails His Own Coalition 'Global Test.'
Attacking George Bush in 2004, John Kerry dismissed the allied fighting force against Iraq as a "trumped-up, so-called coalition of the bribed, the coerced, the bought, and the extorted." Now Kerry is forced to go "hat-in-hand" to beg assistance from the same nations he previously insulted.

Obama Bends Over 'Backwards to Give ObamaCare to Illegal Immigrants.'
"But won't protect hardworking American citizens who are losing their healthcare coverage," says Sen. David Vitter (R, La.).

Study: Natural Factors, Not Humans, Behind West Coast Warming.
The answer, my friends, is blowing in the wind.

Obama Administration: You Know That 100 Number We Gave You of the Number of Americans Who Have Gone to the Middle East to Join Terrorist Organizations? Well, That Number Includes Some Who Are Already Back in the U.S.
But don't worry, the FBI is watching them. They have about as much chance of causing trouble in the U.S. as someone who jumps the White House fence has of getting through the front door.

October Surprise: Is Our Nobel-Peace-Prize-Winning President Counting on War to Swing the Election His Way?
Juan Williams says that – when the president begins talking up the war – Americans will "rally round the flag" creating "one legendary October political surprise."

Exodus of High-Level Employees at Dept. of Homeland Security Threatens U.S. Security.
Customs and Border Security has had six commissioners under Obama. Morale and competency at TSA are so bad that airport security workers are missing contraband at "frightening" levels.

Gergen: ISIS War Rollout Resembles Launch of ObamaCare Site.
Although the title appears damning, David Gergen is making the argument that it's the rollout that is the problem in each case, not the underlying policy. After all, Gergen says, "the administration finally fixed up ObamaCare." Utter nonsense, in both cases.

Why Democrats Believe So Strongly in Climate Change – RFK Jr. Accidentally Lets the Cat Out of the Bag.
Challenged by Michelle Fields at the People's Climate March, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. says "It's much more important to change your politician than it is to change your light bulb, or your cellphone, or your automobile." Find comment at 2:10 in linked video, but entire exchange is entertaining.

In Iran Nuclear Negotiations, U.S. 'Getting Desperate.'
U.S. senators express grave concerns about "troubling reports of nuclear concessions to Iran. 31 Senators sign letter expressing concern. Sen. Mark Kirk (R, Ill.) said that desperation among U.S. negotiators is driven by the desire to hide the fact that Iran hasn't agreed to a single irreversible step to eliminate its nuclear program.

White House Fence-Jumper (and His Family) Should Be Granted Amnesty and Allowed to Live at White House.
Obama should allow same access to his home as he is providing to other Americans' homes for illegals. Petition posted at

The Collapse of Arab Civilization.
Arab journalist writes, "Arab civilization, such as we knew it, is all but gone." He says, "Every hope of modern Arab history has been betrayed."

Former Top Marine General Tells Us What He Really Thinks of Obama's ISIS Strategy: Doesn't Have 'A Snowball's Chance in Hell.'
Retired Marine General James Conway who served as Commandant of the Marine Corps joins the long list of military experts openly skeptical of the Obama "strategy." Conway said, "I don't think the president's plan has a snowball's chance in hell of succeeding."

Former Secretaries of Defense Leon Panetta and Robert Gates Join Long Line of Experts Critical of Obama on ISIS.
Panetta says the U.S. left Iraq too soon and should have engaged in Syria much earlier. Gates says that U.S. boots on the ground are necessary if the U.S. is to have any hope of success.

Most of U.S. Saw Little Recovery in 2013.
Areas rich in technology or oil have made gains. The rest of the country has stagnated.

ObamaCare Architect Ezekiel Emanuel Hopes to Die at 75.
The financial structure of ObamaCare suggests that this is his plan for everyone else, too.

Important: Voter Intensity Strongly against ObamaCare.
Of voters who think ObamaCare is the "most important" issue in the upcoming election, 70% oppose it. Among those who consider ObamaCare "not at all important," 70% favor it.

Does Hillary Clinton Have Anything to Say?
"Everywhere Hillary Clinton goes, a thousand cameras follow. Then she opens her mouth, and nothing happens."
Director of National Intelligence James Clapper Says the U.S. Made the Same Mistake in Evaluating ISIS and Iraq as It Did with the Viet Cong and South Vietnam.
Clapper says that the U.S. underestimated the will of the Viet Cong to fight and overestimated the South Vietnamese army. He said we did the same thing with ISIS and the Iraqi army.
But, sadly, that's not the only Vietnam lesson that's been forgotten. What about the Essentially, Colin Powell said that you go to war to win. You apply overwhelming force. Powell said, "As soon as they tell me it is limited, it means they do not care whether you achieve a result or not. As soon as they tell me 'surgical,' I head for the bunker."

ISIS Has Also Learned from America's Vietnam Experience.
Charles Krauthammer postulates that ISIS may be luring the U.S. into war expecting that ISIS will suffer military losses but also that the U.S. will soon lose heart and go home – as it did in Vietnam and Iraq and has announced it will do in Afghanistan.

Obama's Rift with Generals Widens.
Retired Marine General James Mattis: Half-hearted or tentative efforts, or airstrikes alone, can backfire on us and actually strengthen our foes' credibility. We may not wish to reassure our enemies in advance that they will not see American boots on the ground.

Obama: Our War in Afghanistan Will Come to a Responsible End.
Sound familiar? Three years ago, Obama pledged "to bring the war in Iraq to a responsible end." That went well.
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